Weingut Familie Allendorf


We meticulously tend the grapevines and soils of our vineyards and carefully process the grapes in the press and the cellar. The must is fermented in the cellar using as little machinery and pumps as possible. Depending on the character of the musts, which are determined by Max in sensory analysis tests during the harvest, the white ones are fermented in 500 l barrels or in large traditional barrels called “Stückfass” (approx 1,200 l) and “Doppelstückfass” (approx. 2,400 l) made of indigenous oak wood or stainless steel. Red wines are fermented and matured in large used wooden barrels or French barriques.

One of the most important factors is time: This applies to processing, maturing, bottling and also when it comes to developing and promoting the individual styles each year. Allendorfs go even one step further which enables them to interfere as little as possible in the natural structure of the grapes: They plant new grapevines in vineyards with currently less favourable climatic conditions, which yield mature musts containing a lot of extract and taste without high levels of alcohol. A future-oriented and very important investment in the long term.