Weingut Familie Allendorf


We transformed the old bottling hall built in 1971 into the unique Allendorf.Wein.Erlebnis.Welt (Allendorf.Wine.Experience.World) in 2003. The most important wine aromas in the Aroma Vineyard are waiting to be discovered here. Besides the pale, light soil of the Winkeler Jesuitengarten, you’ll find dark, loamy soil from Winkeler Hasensprung, humus of the Geisenheimer Mäuerchen, stony quartzite of the Rüdesheimer Berg Roseneck and grey/blue slate from Assmannhäuser Höllenberg. The following applies as a general rule for wine: taste the wine, taste it again and taste it again and again.

Sampling our wines against the backdrop of our lighting effects is particularly fascinating and unique among its kind; it shows to what extent tasting sensations are influenced by external factors. A real highlight! Discover and experience the special features of the Rheingau wines with all your senses in one of the various themed wine tastings presented by Uli Allendorf. Guests come from all over the world, full of curiosity, to visit the Wein.Erlebnis.Welt., a place which allows them to playfully broaden their wine knowledge.